The Parent Center, a service provided by the Community Consultation Center, welcomes all parents experiencing questions, concerns and challenges in their parenting roles. At the Parent Center, we take a holistic life-balance approach that focuses on nurturing the “self” role as well as the meaningful roles of father, mother, grandparent and family, as roles transform throughout the life cycle. The Parent Center’s staff is trained in health, behavioral health, life-span development and wellness, addressing cultural influences on the family including parenting styles. We invite mothers, fathers and other caregivers to join our workshops, bring their questions and share their concerns. Among the programs offered are:

  • Parent Support: Support provided for all parents experiencing questions, concerns, stressors or challenges in their parenting roles, including co-parenting issues.
  • Positive Parenting Workshops: Topics include bonding, attachment, discipline, child development, communication, roles and relationships, and family support systems.
  • Parenting Groups: Eight-week groups offering a parenting certificate, which fulfills the Administration for Children (ACS) mandate. Groups are offered to mothers, fathers and primary caretakers in English, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Expert Speakers: Topics include legal advocacy/rights of parents and child rearing/development issues.
  • Referral for Benefits Counseling and Community Resources: Referrals for help with public assistance, food stamps, health insurance, legal services including child support, credit and debt repair, housing Resources, job training and placement, tax referrals, and medical and mental health services.
  • Resources For Toddlers, Youth and Teens: Information and resources provided for day care, camp services, youth programs and arts programs offered at the Abrons Arts Center.

All programs and services are free of charge, including workshops, support and special events.