After-School Services

After-school programming offered through Henry Street's Education Services Division serves participants in a network of Lower East Side schools (P.S. 110, P.S. 134, P.S. 20, United Neighborhood Middle School, CASTLE Middle School, Manhattan Charter School and Manhattan Charter 2). It also serves participants at two community centers: The Helen Hall Youth Center, located at 301 Henry Street, and Boys and Girls Republic, located at Sixth Street and Avenue D.

While each location houses a site-specific program design, they operate holistically as part of the Henry Street Settlement after-school campus, focused on encouraging positive social interactions, healthy attitudes and decision-making skills, tolerance, appreciation of differences and increased community involvement. All sites operate on a three-cycle calendar with themes for each cycle integrated through all activities:
Cycle 1: September 29th to December 23rd – All About Learning and All About Me!
Cycle 2: January 5th to March 27 – All About Creativity  and All About US!!
Cycle 3: March 30th to June 19 –  All About Community

These sites offer an array of quality-driven educational, enrichment and recreational activities, and also strive to enhance academic success through parent programs and referrals to other supportive services. We reinforce family relationships and the social values of self-confidence, self-expression, positive peer relationships, responsible behavior and a social commitment to contribute to one's community.

Each site has a full-time Coordinator and a staff of Group Leaders and Group Aides, including community members, parents, school aides and college students. Group Leaders must have college credits in education, and Group Aides are high school students who are trained by our own Youth Employment Program. Each site staff also includes one masters-level social work intern. Artists, specialists and volunteers present diverse offerings, including video production, theater, dance, leadership, math clubs, fashion design, rugby, soccer and basketball.  

All sites and programs are licensed by the NYC Department of Health.

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