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Exhibit The House on Henry Street TEST

A Small House with a Big Story

Beginning September 17, 2018, visitors will be welcome to explore this permanent interactive exhibition in our headquarters at 265 Henry Street. A new website will take visitors on a virtual tour of the exhibition. The House on Henry Street illuminates themes of social activism, urban poverty, and public health from the organization’s founding in 1893 to the present. This National Endowment for the Humanities–funded interactive permanent exhibition takes visitors through the history of the Settlement, known for its pioneering efforts in social service, health care, and the arts. Featuring voices and images from the Lower East Side, the exhibit illustrates waves of immigration to New York and the challenges newcomers faced amid rapid industrialization and urban crowding. It also describes the settlement house movement and the pivotal role of Henry Street founder Lillian Wald and other reformers of the Progressive Era.

Click here to watch Baptism of Fire. Visit the online exhibition – coming soon


The House on Henry Street traces the history of the neighborhood and the Settlement across six distinct eras:

  • Arrival in America: Immigration skyrockets
  • The Problems They Faced: Conditions create immense challenges for new immigrants
  • Problems Lead to Action: Lillian Wald takes action from City Hall to the White House
  • Action Spreads: The growth of public health nursing
  • Come to the Table: Neighbors and world leaders exchange ideas at Henry Street
  • The Legacy: Taking action continues today at Henry Street

Join Us on the Journey!

A new website will take visitors on a virtual tour of the exhibition. Coming soon are a walking tour app of the neighborhood and curricular materials for high school and college teachers.

To arrange a tour, please email Katie Vogel.

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