A Rain Garden Grows on Henry Street

By Henry Street Settlement

The Henry Street Rain Garden – the newest project in Henry Street’s green infrastructure initiative – debuted last week in Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Park, adjacent to Henry Street’s historic headquarters at 265 Henry Street. The rain garden was completed via a collaboration with GrowNYC, WE Design | WE Build (landscape design and architecture) and the sweat equity of volunteers from Credit Suisse, American Express the PIMCO Foundation and Peeled Snacks who held dig, plant and prep the garden.

The rain garden collects rainwater from the roof of 263-276 Henry Street and diverts it to the garden. The benefits are two-fold: instead of the rainwater going into New York City’s already taxed sewage system, it will be harnessed to water the garden, eliminating the need to use city water to nourish the garden. Currently, after every rainstorm huge amounts of water enter into the sewage infrastructure and overwhelm the system forcing it to release untreated water into NYC’s waterways. This is not good for the environment or for folks hoping to cool off at city beaches. Green rainwater systems like Henry Street’s help to relieve the pressure from the sewage system and keep New York’s waterways safe.

“The rain garden is a way for Henry Street Settlement to maximize our green infrastructure initiative and help the community by creating a safer New York City,” said David Garza, Executive Director of Henry Street Settlement.

Members of the community are invited to visit the garden, open Monday through Friday.

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