Expanded Horizons College Success

Expanded Horizons is a comprehensive eight-year program which is designed to ensure that high school students are college-ready once they graduate, are admitted to a college that fits their interests and abilities, and graduate from that institution on time. 

Our eight-year cohort-based model allows high school students to benefit from intensive academic preparation that ensures their success in the classroom and in rounds of standardized testing, starting in their freshman year. Expanded Horizons also offers its high school participants bridge programming during the summer, ensuring they maintain their mastery in key subjects even when school isn’t in session. We also offer SAT preparation starting in the junior year, covering the subjects students will encounter in their exams as well as strategies to ensure that our participants feel confident when they face the test.  With affordable, high-quality college counseling proving hard to find, our program offers a full array of college help, ranging from college trips, to detailed advice on how to select colleges and majors, and information on how to navigate the complex college and financial aid application processes. Since many of our participants are in financial need, Expanded Horizons students accrue scholarship dollars for every year they participate fully in the program to be used while in college. 

Our team of college counselors also helps participants develop emotionally, with confidence-building exercises embedded in every aspect of our program. During summer bridge sessions, Expanded Horizons offers high schoolers the chance to partake in community service, encouraging them to become a solution to their community’s challenges while opening them up to new professional opportunities and passions. Participants are also encouraged to benefit from numerous recreational programs offered at the Settlement.

Expanded Horizons does its part to help students achieve once they reach their institutions of higher education. Our College Success team hosts events on campuses where there are large concentrations of alumni, maintains regular one-on-one contact to ensure that our scholars are thriving in their new environment, and offers advice to help them persist in college through commencement.  

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