Our Doors are Open… to Everyone.

By David Garza

Dear Henry Street Settlement Community,

On Friday, the President issued an executive order blocking entry into the United States for citizens of select countries. This order runs counter to the mission of Henry Street Settlement and to the principles on which we were founded. Moreover, this action has caused confusion, anxiety, hardship and unrest for many individuals and families.

For 124 years and counting, the Settlement has provided direct services to immigrants who have come here in search of freedom and opportunity, regardless of their country of origin or their religious beliefs.

We are taking the following steps to support all members of the community.

  • Anyone in the community and/or within the Henry Street family in need of support, should be directed to our Neighborhood Resource Center at 281 East Broadway, 212.471.2400, where they can access counseling, legal services, and additional resources. We have in-house legal counsel available to support the efforts of our partners at Legal Services of New York. Our doors will always be open for everyone.
  • We are establishing an Action Center on our website that will have information on how to advocate and access services. This information will also be available at our 17 program sites and on our social media channels.
  • Those interested in supporting our vital work with immigrants by making a donation, may do so at henrystreet.org/donate or by contacting Ellen Schneiderman at eschneiderman@henrystreet.org. Your support is needed now more than ever. 

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to inclusion, to serve the most vulnerable in our community, to advocate for social justice and human rights, and to stand strong so that we may continue to open doors of opportunity for everyone.


David Garza
Executive Director

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