“Settlement House meets Ludlow House”

By Henry Street Settlement

Above, clockwise from left: Ludlow House; Carolyn Sickles; Alyson Cafiero, Yan Assoun and Polina Proshkina; Josephine Lume, Pete and Becky Ruegger and Ian Highet. All photos by Cesarin Mateo. Click here to view all photos »

Henry Street met Ludlow Street at a chic and hip cocktail party to benefit the Settlement. An Evening at Ludlow House, held October 23rd at Soho House’s members-only space, Ludow House, celebrated the arts on the Lower East Side. Funds raised from the event will support Henry Street Settlement’s arts programs at Abrons Arts Center and throughout the city.

Henry Street Settlement’s Executive Director David Garza kicked off the evening’s festivities and welcomed the crowd. “I can not imagine a better night—beautiful people, an incredible venue, and fried chicken and vodka!” he said, speaking to the event’s delicious passed appetizers and signature cocktail.

“Both Henry Street and Ludlow House understand the importance of place-based community centers, and we are so grateful to Ludlow House for giving us this opportunity.” David concluded by introducing arts performances to celebrate the neighborhood by including his own—a rap to commemorate the evening! Full text below. 

Executive Director David Garza. Photo by Cesarin Mateo.

Young dancers from the Youth Hip Hop Collective at Abrons, led by teaching artist Randy Luna, performed a hip-hop medley that delighted the crowd.

Photos by Cesarin Mateo.

The evening concluded with a performance by Abrons’ stage favorites Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser, who are mounting  Jack & the Beanstalk at the Abrons in December.

Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser. Photo by Cesarin Mateo. 

The evening included a silent art auction led by Anne Huntington, a noted art collector and member of the evening’s Host Committee. The works up for auction were Stanley Casselman’s Untitled, Presence – Moment – 1 – 49, TM Davy’s Horse Drawing and Autumn de Forest’s Universe of Love

Above, clockwise from left: Dancers and David Garza; Elizabeth Reid and Lesley Schulhof with dancers; Anna da Silveira Pinheiro greets dancers; guests. Click here to view all photos »

An original rap by David Garza:
Ivy League from Brooklyn, but I get my cred’ from Henry Street,
An executive who brings the heat, puts the hustle and the flow into the rap beat
I make the words count like an account uses Quicken,
This ain’t no fancy uptown dinner, we ain’t got no rubber chicken.
Serving it up to taste real good, you can bet it’s finger lickin’
Settlement House meets Ludlow House, a true Lower East Side invention,
It’s where the old skool meets the new, that’s definitely the intention.
The work we do changes lives, that’s plain for all to see
We’re Henry Street Settlement – since 1893.
You’ll never see the future if you don’t preserve your past
You have to take what is good in life and somehow make it last.
Education, employment, health care, and the arts,
Food, shelter, clothing—we play so many parts.
From infants to senior citizens, we know just what to do,
If your grandma lived in New York City, we probably helped her, too.
To make the magic happen, support from you is a must
‘Cause sometimes life will deal a hand that is simply just unjust.
So we’re here tonight to inform and inspire,
To put out, prevent or maybe spark a fire,
Put on our fancy dresses and our cocktail attire,
And do some good before we retire.
To fix the situation before it gets dire.
Your generosity –  we truly admire.
So clap your hands and maybe stomp ya feet
Or do a little dance while you sittin in your seat
We appreciate you’re here so don’t dare retreat
Henry Street at Ludlow House can’t be beat.
Thank you – all – for making the night complete
And for coming out tonight for Henry Street!

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