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Gisela Ireland, LCSW-R, Clinical Director
License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Education: Master of Social Work, New York University
Language: English/Spanish 
Our aim is to meet each individual where s/he/they are in the course of his/her/their journey. Some people just need a little support, as we all do, with day-to-day stressors. Some people may be experiencing a loss of some kind, such as the loss of a pet, a loved one, a job, or a spouse through divorce. Some might be feeling depressed and at a loss of how to proceed and move forward. Others may feel anxious or panic stricken to the point that it interferes with daily functioning. And then there are some who have difficulty making big life decisions, falling asleep, socializing with others, feeling isolated. Whatever it is, our clinicians are not only experienced, supervised and trained, but they genuinely care. Our team approach is person centered, and strengths based with a focus on the client in community.

Evangelina (Eve) Chan, LCSW, PROS Interim Director and Outpatient Department Intake Coordinator
License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Education: Master of Social Work, Columbia University
Language: English/Cantonese
As a therapist, I usually begin with the client to understand what they see as the problem and then find helpful solutions that they want to work toward. I like being able to help people find what they’re looking for and giving them a safe space to talk about things they want to let go of; to help them feel acknowledgment and validation. I often use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing. One of the things I really enjoy bringing to the therapeutic relationship is my sense of humor and informal ability to connect with people.

Daniel Parker, LCSW-R
License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Language: English
Starting the process of self-discovery can be a difficult task, making life changes can be equally challenging. Whether it is love, work or another difficult circumstance, I can help you gather the necessary tools to make you a happier and healthier person. My approach to treatment integrates traditional talk therapy with cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT), paying close attention to both the head and the heart. I will help you navigate through many of the complicated issues that have hindered you from positive growth. Together we can make productive, long-lasting changes. I encourage you to call for a consultation to see if I can help.

Nilsa Pietri, LMSW

License: Licensed Social Worker
Education: Hunter College School of Social Work, OYR Program
Language: English, Spanish
I believe that therapy is a way for an individual, couple or family to address difficult issues. In individual psychotherapy, we have nonjudgmental conversations where I can help to process trauma, depression, anxiety and family dysfunction. We will use tools like strengths perspectives, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral and trauma-informed techniques. Group therapy, on the other hand, is a format for individuals to come together to use their own experiences to facilitate mutual aid with the help of a trained group worker. I am a nonjudgmental, culturally sensitive listener who is ready to work with you.

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