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Save our College Success Program

thermometer-ehcs-funds-july-2016-as-of-september-16-2016.png.pngWe did it! Thank you so much for your support. 

Henry Street just lost critical funding for our college access and success program, Expanded Horizons. With 70% of students in our district living under the poverty line, free programs like ours are vitally important to the community and help change students’ lives.

Last year, 99% of seniors in our program were accepted to college.

We are raising $60,000 to save this special program that helps students achieve a college degree and unlock a world of opportunity.

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What makes Expanded Horizons special?

calendar Our program doesn’t just stop when students get into college. We stick with students for eight years from freshman year of high school to college graduation.
Exam Our free SAT program provides a quality classroom experience, but also pairs our students with older mentors who’ve recently taken the exam. The duo instruction from mentors and instructors helps students stay focused and motivated.
conversation Our low student to counselor ratio means that all our students get the one-on-one attention they need.
disco ball We know emotional and social support is just as important as academics, which is why we invest in classes like hip hop dance, which gives students self-confidence and helps with their self-esteem.
money bag College is expensive, which is why we provide FAFSA, Fee Waiver, and loan counseling and assistance. Henry Street also has a number of scholarships that students can apply for.
college building Just because a student is in college doesn’t mean they don’t need Expanded Horizons anymore. In fact, that’s when they need our help the most. We connect students to Henry Street alumni and campus resources and visit for face-to face support to ensure that they graduate college.


See what our students say about Expanded Horizons:


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