Henry Street Teams Continue to Go Above & Beyond

By Nicole Fogarty

Members of the School Based Mental Health team with Executive Director David Garza at the announcement ceremony. 

The winners of Henry Street’s biannual employee recognition program were announced this month, with the Settlement’s School Based Mental Health Clinic (SBMHC) team taking top prize.

The program, Above & Beyond 2.0, rewards teams across Henry Street programs for work that exemplifies the tenets of Henry Street’s vision statement (innovation, inclusivity, integration, and excellence).

The SBMHC is a satellite clinic of the Settlement’s mental health services at the Community Consultation Center, and has locations in 10 Lower East Side public schools. It eliminates many barriers that prevent children and families from seeking mental health care by providing services on-site in schools, embracing a client-centered model of care.

The SBMHC was awarded for its a vision-centered, collaborative work with the Parent Center and other programs to provide vital services (counseling, workshops, drop-in hours and more) on-site and in spaces where clients are more likely to access them.

For instance, case managers in shelter programs proactively contact clients to ensure that SBMHC and Parent Center workshops are well attended; education and after-school team members are in regular communication with SBMH clinicians to ensure care for students is coordinated and comprehensive; and SBMHC worked with the Parent Center to open a satellite office at P.S. 142, where they can work together to provide families with holistic support services and bring Henry Street programs to the community.

Additionally, the team collaborated with community members to ensure they were continuing to meet the needs of the people they serve, promoting inclusivity and innovation on every level of service. In response to feedback from residents of the Settlement’s Domestic Violence Survivors’ shelter, the Parent Center worked with the SBMHC to develop new workshops on domestic violence and child trauma. When parents of youth at the Boys and Girls Republic (BGR) said they needed help talking to their kids about sexual health, the team brought workshops on the subject to Henry Street’s youth centers.

The full winning team comes from multiple Henry Street programs and includes Kelly Lennon-Martucci, Alison Pepper, Roma Timmerman, Nicole Lee, Stephanie Rojas, MJ Phillips, Landis Block and An-Chi Chui (SBMHC); Regina Perez, Alan Davage, Tiffany Rodriguez, Cody Lallier, Dayna Hamann, Timothy Yip and Brian McCollam (Education); Tera Gurney and Ashley Young (Neighborhood Resource Center/Parent Center); Nell Rainey, Frances Beausejour-Meyers and Virginia Bagby (Transitional and Supportive Housing); Chief Program Officer Diane Rubin; and Abrons Director of Engagement & AIRspace Carolyn Sickles.

A total of five teams were nominated in this award cycle. Each nominated team worked collaboratively across departments to propel Henry Street’s vision to open doors of opportunity for all New Yorkers through innovative, inclusive, integrated and excellent work. See below for highlights and team members from the nominated teams:

Team CAB
Talia DeRogatis, Debbie Cox, Kim Cox, Rhea Corson-Higgs, Jay Koo, Shakeria Reed, Randy Luna, Sade Hawkins
For the creation and continued success of a robust and involved Community Advisory Board, which serves as a vehicle to ensure Henry Street remains inclusive of community needs. This team further integrated the CAB through a Community Day block party, Youth Leadership Council, Community Outreach Assistants, and an innovative participatory budgeting initiative.

Team HSS Branding
Nicole Fogarty, Chelsea Jupin, Leonor Colon, Anthony Andino, Luis Checa, Lisa Tomanelli, Dan McKenzie, Carol Carrozelli, Lauren Trueax, Aaron Cummings, Regina Perez, Anita Matey, Doris Bell Francis, Rashida Reed, Jorge Rivera, Suemanda Pompey, Cesar Moran, Shakira O’Kane, Brian McCollam
For the integrated collaboration of the Education & Employment and Marketing teams over the past quarter. They worked to photo document program events and created marketing materials that conveyed the attributes of programs in eye-catching, branded fashion. Team members from programs collaborated with Marketing to craft materials that speak to each program’s specific audience, and blended print and electronic materials in innovative ways.

Team CINEMAtheque
Ellen Schneiderman, Merav Davis, Joanne Schwartzberg, Rhea Corson-Higgs, Carolyn Sickles, Chantara Ellis, Chelsea Jupin, Nicole Fogarty
For the resounding success of CINEMAtheque, Henry Street’s newest gala fundraising event. The event was created from scratch at a new location with a completely new format and audience; it integrated youth from Henry Street programs in innovative ways; and realized a successful collaboration between Development, Marketing, Expanded Horizons and Abrons Engagement programs.

Team Youth Opportunity Hub
Delia Springstubb, Jeremy Reiss, Lianne DiFabbio, Kylie Oulahan, Erica Chung, Nicole Fogarty, Ian Levitz, Greg Rideout, Brian McCollam, Diane Rubin, Renee Epps
For the $8.4 million Youth Opportunity Hub grant, awarded through the Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Justice Investment Initiative, which saw an extraordinary collaboration between Development and the Education programs, with the support of Marketing and Fiscal, to develop a youth hub on the Lower East Side to connect at-risk youth to providers for coordinated and vital support.

Nominations were reviewed and winners were chosen by the Above & Beyond 2.0 Achievers Review Panel, made up of staff members from across programs and divisions. The winning team received individual awards, will be featured on an Above & Beyond Winners plaque at Henry Street Settlement’s historic headquarters, and will be treated to a group professional or personal experience, and all nominated teams will attend a luncheon celebrating their achievements.

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