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Vocational Training

Please call CCC at 212.233.5032 for information about visiting our vocational training employment programs.

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The Community Consultation Center (CCC) mental health clinic operates on the belief that work is essential to one’s sense of self-fulfillment. CCC offers two unique employment preparation programs: A work readiness component for individuals attending our PROS program, and the ACCES-VR sponsored Unlimited Computer Training Program.

PROS Vocational Services

The PROS Employment component provides services related to employment; such as Basic Living Skills(e.g. time management, budgeting, learning to use transportation, how to communicate or socialize on the job), Coping Skills (e.g. learning to manage on-the-job-stress) and Community Living Exploration (e.g. develop an understanding of specific job opportunities and demands).

Other services provided; interest inventory, skill assessments, Individualized Plan for Employment, behavioral work training groups, job search assistance and job support and if requested, referrals to free training programs.

Unlimited Computer Training Program (ACCES-VR)

The Unlimited Computer Training Program is available for individuals with disabilities is sponsored by ACCES-VR. The program is designed for individuals who demonstrate an interest, potential and ability to complete a three-to-four-month training program in Microsoft Office 2010 that includes volunteer internships and employment preparation groups with an ultimate goal of successful long-term employment. Also in that time, students develop a resume, participate in practice interviews, learn job-seeking skills and clarify work values and preferences.

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