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Abrons Arts Center
Ali Rosa-Salas, Vice President of Visual and Performing Arts
Jamel Mims, Director of Art Education & Community Engagement
Rina Ortega, Director of Communications
Harry Poster, Producing Director
Gerry Rincon, Director of Venue Operations & Rentals

Jeremy Reiss, Executive Vice President, Partnerships and Innovation
Ellen Schneiderman, Executive Vice President, Individual Donors and Special Events
Erica Chung, Director, Partnerships and Public Policy
Amalia Manolagas, Director, Major Gifts
Kylie Oulahan, Director, Grant Development

Education & Employment
Matthew Phifer, Executive Vice President, Employment & Education
Connie Mendez, Senior Director, Employment Services
Olivia Núñez, Senior Director, Education Services
Tachrina Ahmed, Director, College Access and Success, Education Services
Rachel Cato, LESEN Partnership Director, Employment Services
Chris Colonnese, Administrative Director, Employment Services
Aaron Cummings Jr., Director, Youth Services, Education Services
Kelly De La Torres, Director, JET Program, Employment Services
Ned Gardner, Program Director, ESOL/HSE, Employment Services
Elisa L. Kaplan, Director, Community Social Work, Education Services
Omar Kellman, Director, Athletics & Community Enrichment Services, Education Services
Johanna Ramirez, Director, Youth Employment Services, Employment Services
Marilyn Rivera, Administrative Director, Education Services
Maria Santana, Director, Jobs Plus Lower East Side, Employment Services
Jeanie Tung, Director, Business Development, Employment Services
Breahna Watkins-Cole, Director, Early Childhood Education, Education Services

Department of Integration & Community Engagement
Debbie Cox, Vice President, Department of Integration & Community Engagement
Carlos Montañez, Director, Community Response Team

The People Team
Jan Rose, Chief People Officer
Priscilla Delsol-Hill, Director of People Experience
Meghan O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations
Kiana Walbrook, Director of Learning and Development

Executive Office
David Garza, President and CEO
Erin Haggerty, Director, Executive Office & Administration

Marketing and Communications
Barbara Kancelbaum, Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Facilities Department
Renee Epps, Chief Officer for Facilities
Antonia Abramova, Director of Front Desk & Front of House Operations
Elizabeth Diker, Facilities Officer
Margaret Oldfather, Facilities Officer
Frank Rotondi, IT Officer
Ramon Vargas, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Fiscal Department
Josephine Lume, Chief Financial Officer 
Ian Bostwick, Controller
Ian Levitz, Budget & Grants Director
Gail Martin-Feracho, Payroll Manager

Behavioral and Health Services
Kristin Hertel, Vice President for Health and Wellness 
Emmanuel Adepoju, Director, Stanton Street Supportive Housing Residence
Bill Giordano, Director of Staff, Community Consultation Center
Eileen Goris, Executive Administrator, Community Consultation Center
Gisela Ireland, Clinical Director, Community Consultation Center
Piercelia Jackson, Director, ACCES-VR
Shanell Kitt, Director, CONNECT Program
Kelly Lennon, Director, School-Based Mental Health Clinics
Ashley Young, Director, Dale Jones Burch Neighborhood Center

Older Adult Services
Cindy Singh, Vice President, Older Adult Services
Jasmine Corchado, Director, Henry Street Settlement Older Adult Center
Rachel Hughes, Director, Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)
Sali Ali, Director, Meals on Wheels
Shannon Scott, Director, Senior Companion Program

Transitional and Supportive Housing
Raihana A. Bosse, Vice President, Transitional and Supportive Housing
Quanda Carr-Delande, Vice President, Transitional and Supportive Housing
Kineta Medina, Director, 290 Supportive Housing
Theresa Young, Director, Helen’s House

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