COVID-19 Updates at Henry Street Settlement

By Henry Street Settlement

Henry Street’s core services never close.

As the COVID-19 situation escalates, Henry Street is listening to our neighbors’ needs, adapting programs substantially to meet those needs, and responding to the best of our ability amid rapidly changing conditions.

Update: Monday, March 30

This week, Henry Street is:

  • Delivering Meals on Wheels to an increased client base of 1,800, due to the dramatic growth in the numbers of seniors and immunocompromised people needing to stay home.
  • Distributing three meals a day to nearly 400 residents of our four homeless shelters. Any extra food is being shared with Bowery Residents Committee to address the extreme challenges facing homeless people on the street, who are affected by loss of foot traffic.
  • Getting more than 100 children in our shelters up to speed with newly delivered wifi-enabled iPads.
  • Redeploying dozens of Senior Services team members and engaging 100 volunteers to make daily calls to program participants who are no longer able to come to the Senior Center or receive social services in person.
  • Launching all Abrons Education arts instruction programs online through Google Classroom and Zoom.

Here is what we are doing now:

Transitional & Supportive Housing

Henry Street has so far committed resources to provide 30 days of food for residents of its four apartment-style homeless shelters so that they can stay home. We’re quadrupling down on cleaning common areas, educating residents on how to stay safe, and most important, working to ensure that families that rely on school meals for their children have access to healthy meals, as well as social and emotional support. With the initial delivery of Department of Education wifi-enabled iPads to children in our shelters, our team is helping students get online and stay connected with school.

Senior Services

The Henry Street Senior Center and Senior Companion Program—with the help of 100 volunteers—is calling isolated seniors every day, making sure they are staying safe and connected to health care resources if needed. Our large Meals on Wheels program has increased food distribution by 20%, serving more than 1,800 homebound people throughout the city. Services are modified to provide more meals at a time, reducing contact with clients.

Community Consultation Center

Our mental health staff are providing very limited onsite services and moving to a
virtual counseling model. Please call 212.233.5032 if you need assistance.

Neighborhood Resource Center

The NRC is open by phone, and staff are available for consultation on public benefits, health care enrollment, case management, and more. call 212.471.2400 if you need assistance.

Workforce Development Center

ESOL and high school equivalency are online, and the center is working toward offering additional services remotely.

Abrons Arts Center

Our music teachers are teaching private lessons online, and as of March 30, our group classes, from hip hop to rock band and from yoga to Saturday morning cartooning, are available virtually.


Many people have asked how they can help Henry Street at this time. The best way to help is by making a monetary donation to our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund at Henry Street is incurring significant emergency expenses, including staffing, food, increased maintenance, vital supplies, and making modifications to our services to best serve our community. We need your help so Henry Street can ensure the safety of our neighbors.

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