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Henry Street’s founder, Lillian Wald, was a workforce pioneer who helped find work for those who needed it.  Today, our employment services team supports our members in achieving their career goals, both through in-house training and referrals to outside educational resources.

Building Systems Automation Training

Henry Street Settlement’s Building Systems Automation Training Program is for anyone 18 or older who wants to enter the rapidly growing sector of internal environment and climate management.

The next training starts March 6th, 2023, and participants will get certifications and training toward jobs in heating/heat pumps, cooling, lighting, ventilation, air quality management, and more. Build your skills and learn a trade that will lead to greener, healthier, and more sustainable indoor environment management. Many salaries in these industries range from $40-80k.

Read about how Nathanseth got a job in the HVAC field here.

We are hosting an information session every Wednesday at 5pm on zoom.

Learn more and download our program flyer online here.

If you would like to apply for the program, please use this link;


Small steps can lead to big career changes. Henry Street offers several programs to help community members gain access to new job pathways.

Fire Guard Certificate of Fitness

Did you know that public spaces, from schools to stadiums to theaters, must have fire guards in place to keep people safe? People with this little-known license can get per diem work or add it to an existing maintenance or facilities job.

Drivers Education

Learning to drive is the first step toward getting a commercial driver’s license. Come start the process at Henry Street. We can help you pass the permit test and help you identify opportunities to fund your training.

Individualized schedule.

Registered Behavioral Technician Training

Get trained to work in Applied Behavioral Analysis and prepare to work with people with disabilities in a variety of settings.  A new session is starting soon.

To sign up, click here:


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